The query means that the personal source and the gender features an important role in the manner they consume

Overall, regarding the five-hundred marks was in fact chose. Finally, individuals was in fact confronted with a survey in regards to the hearing regarding fifty mass media (radio, T.V., cinema, press). This new weighted decide to try was formed from the 2,100000 Belgian owners, aged of fifteen and a lot more, divided during the step 3 a long time, 4 personal kinds and 3 types of houses. The new achieved research allow to split up 21 way of envision. All some one follow literally intensively to at least one otherwise multiple of those-currents. Following, peoples presenting a very comparable reputation had been regrouped, that lead towards the facilities out of 9 personal brands:

– the latest purposeful individual 23% : the latest collects when you look at the structures to higher buy the provides, scratching, and you will sites. Getting him, to consume really way to affirm their identity, to call home smartly.

– brand new modernist knowledgeable sixteen,8% : he could be open minded, the guy tries to see the someone else, he enjoys life and you can takes advantage of all the its pleasure, however, the guy areas his own rules.

– new public egoist 157 : his actions, their contacts to the anybody else revolve up to his or her own appeal, he is socially away, the guy aims you should getting not the same as the remainder.

– the defensive individualist 11,8% : he would like to fighting to all or any kinds of corrections. It’s use revealing their details. Their key worry was their actual setting.

– new-austere nine,3% : consumerist, the guy suggests return to characteristics, he has a serious head while having a take care of objectivity, but not, he could be not a dynamic reactionary.

– the decision-man eight,57 : spontaneous and you can completely calculated, the guy likes to spend cash, however, takes nothing demand for the remainder.

– this new hushed hedonist 6,27 : the guy stays in harmony which have themselves additionally the nearby people. He’s not materialistic and concede far strengths so you’re able to relaxation.

– an excellent demotivate conventional 5,3% : he has got the newest nostalgia off conventional opinions and authority. He’s stressed towards coming. He lives in their market, protected in the outside business.

Close to the typologies out-of federal effect, you can find a specific amount of researches with an investigation community limited by form of sets of customers eg “youngs” and “women”. In a consumption viewpoint, teenagers are eventually other regarding people due to their less expensive dependence. It invest their funds for supplementary services and products specifically intended for recreational situations. They are well-known of the a buy habits out of playful variety of, that is not inspired by the requirement or versatility, but from the its affectivity. To have teenagers, consumption was basic ways to display its identity and evidence of the strength regarding decision. In spite of this type of well-known activities, young people don’t function a keen homogeneous organization. Discover five principal models :

– the fresh lively and you may conformist types of : the guy reports getting quick fulfillment and fallows the brand new models of use shown from the news.

Their personal every day life is limited by the individuals whom embrace their ranking

– the scholastic types of : their expose procedures decided from the purpose ” societal and professional triumph”; teenagers owned by this category are inclined to mark nearer on adult’s industry. He is indifferent in order to industrial steps meant for new youthfulness.

It refuse in vogue services excess consumption

– new individualistic and you can autonomous style of : brand new teenagers owned by this community point in the their own summation; he is concerned with the liberty: it try to satisfy on their own by her mode. Only money renders them pleased.

– young people with no preference for practices form of: he’s social; this type of young adults want to use their habilities performing creative and you may energetic things.

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