Convergence Maslow with Maslow’s Ladder out-of Needs

Self-confident Effects

The fresh new graph lower than makes reference to new ‘basic psychosocial virtues’ – and you may associated characteristics – and this come from efficiently passageway through for each drama. Erikson described victory because a good ‘favourable ratio’ (among them extremes) at every drama stage.

A bit Syracuse escort reviews perplexing, nevertheless the head point is that centered on the thing that was noticed for every stage the guy identified you to definitely clear earliest virtue plus one secondary virtue. Using this, he was able to (and we can also be too – the guy advised individuals to take action) extrapolate almost every other relevant benefits.

Because the an away, discover extreme the thing is that involving the progress results of the Erikson psychosocial design while the progress regions of Maslow’s Steps out of Means.

Letter.B. We are not indicating an immediate complement anywhere between Erikson’s and you may Maslow’s designs. Rather, that it simply leaves both perspectives close to each other to display how similar points you certainly will inter-relate. Legal for your self.

We possibly may additionally use the Erikson design to greatly help explain just what takes place in Maslow’s theory whenever a particular trauma sweeps aside good element of another person’s life (maybe due to redundancy, separation, public difference, case of bankruptcy, homelessness), that creates the person so you’re able to revisit specific needs and you can internal conflicts (crises) which have been after satisfied before but are no further fulfilled. Based on each other Erikson’s and you may Maslow’s ideas, anyone can end up revisiting and having to resolve means (or crisis attitude otherwise skills) out of before years.

Bad Consequences

Afterwards Erikson put up better ideas and you will terms and conditions – notably ‘Maladaptations’ and you will ‘Malignancies’ – so you’re able to depict the new negative outcomes arising from an unhelpful experience owing to all the drama levels.

In the crude modern conditions, these types of negative effects could well be called ‘baggage’, and that regardless of if slightly unscientific, is basically an incredibly likely metaphor because individuals have a tendency to carry using them by way of life the latest mental ramifications of in earlier times unhelpful event. Psychoanalysis, the specific therapeutic technology where Erikson contacted these issues, was a method to help people see where in fact the luggage appeared out-of, and you can thereby assist the means of dumping they.

To some degree these negative outcomes also can occur out of continual or revisiting a crisis, or maybe more rationally the essential aspects of a crisis as the we never indeed regress so you can a more youthful years, instead, we review the fresh new event and you can feelings from the before lifetime.

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